Gender Relations in Uganda

Feminist Perspectives from a Non-Western Point of View

The UN-Resolution 1325 „Women, Peace and Security“ is a milestone in the transnational women’s movement. The practical transmissions (and effects) are going to be discussed along the case-study „Uganda“ and the perspectives/experiences of the local women’s activist Sara Jesca Agwang (Uganda Women‘s Network-Leader). Leading questions: What are the gender dimensions in Uganda’s crisis? In which ways are transnational agreements implemented on//transferred to local grounds? What is the meaning//importance of „Gender Equality” in Uganda? In which areas//levels are gender-related transmissions visible in Uganda//globally?

About Tania

Tania has finished “Development Studies” in 2013, in which she primarily focused on “Africa and Gender Relations”. Through her field research stay in the rural parts of Senegal, she gained practical and theoretical knowledge on those two intersecting topics. This experience has led to her engagement in distributing the “global sisterhood”. Currently at the feminist radio show “Women on Air” hosted by “Radio Orange” (94.00)

About Ashura

My name is Ashura from Tanzania. Currently I am studying my MA in Human Rights at the University of Vienna, Postgraduate Center. My work outside of school in societies, clubs and youth organizations is what led me to pursue a law degree and work in human rights. It was the opportunity of a lifetime in 2013, February when I was sponsored by UN-WFP to climb the highest mountain in Africa, the Kilimanjaro, together with two fellow Tanzanians, the South African actress Hlubi Mboya and remarkable women from Nepal who have climbed the highest mountain in the world, the Mount Everest, and broken the mindset that only men can do physical activities such as mountain climbing. After the climbing I reached over 500 students in schools across Tanzania to empower girls and youth to pursue an education and follow their dreams despite the socio-economic challenges. Apart from my studies I host a morning radio show ‘Schlau und Schön Aufwachen’ from the ‘Women on Air’ at Radio Orange since March 2015, twice a month between 8:00-9:00 am where I am responsible for hosting and producing the content of the show in line to current affairs and human rights issues. I am interested in politics, public speaking, traveling, blogging, reading, cooking and photographs.