Konferenz Warm-Up

Who is you? Who is the conference? Who am I? In a joyful way we want to
find answers for these questions, get in contact with the other participants, the
place and ourselves to have a fruitful start into the conference.

Wer bist du? Wer ist die Konferenz? Wer bin ich? In einer spielerischen Weise
wollen wir Antworten auf diese Fragen finden, mit anderen Teilnehmenden, dem Ort
und uns selbst in Kontakt kommen um einen fruchtbaren Start in die Konferenz zu

About Katharina
Katharina, a tealover and still coffee drinker, studied International Development
(Bachelor) and is working now in mediation/conflict resolution. Some years ago
she connected with Theatre of the Oppressed and got stuck in it (in the very
positive way). She is still reaching out for new things to explore and fields to
discover – a big, big path it seems.